The Bookshop Chronicles

Chapter 53: Small Biz & Podcast Buddy, Rachel Wentworth

November 23, 2021

Books are great. Of course they are. But the business side of running a bookshop has been a wild ride, and like all businesses, we have been impacted by a pandemic in ways we couldn't have imagined.

In 2019 I was a Guest on a podcast called "Keeping Shop: A Brick and Mortar Podcast" hosted by Rachel Wentworth. We had such a fun conversation, and I decided it was time to rekindle this connection. During what Rachel calls "the before time", we talked about customer connections and serving your people well. Now that we are in a pandemic, our conversation is still about our customers, but also about how to adjust your business model to serve your people well when the world is wonkypants. Rachel and her business partner, Meredith, have adopted new ideas, re-prioritized and took some risks that are still centred on the same "why the heck not?" POV.

I hope this convo inspires you and encourages you to SUPPORT LOCAL because these small businesses are the core of a thriving community - support them to keep them.

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Books Discussed:

Disappearing Earth


Daisy Jones and the Six


Podcasts Discussed:

Retail For the Rest of Us

Being Boss

Here Lies Me



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