The Booktruck Chronicles

Chapter 24: Just Brandi

June 29, 2020

Hey there!

I find that this COVID time for me is all about lists: the lists of things I want to get done, the lists of things I have to get done and the list of things I have not finished... I'll give you one second to guess which one of these lists I have excelled at.      Uh-huh.   There are days I am successful and many that I am not. I know I am not alone in this, and let's face it - I can't blame all of this on CV19. This is just my life.

Today I am sharing the list of books I stopped reading for whatever reason, the couple books I have read recently that hit the mark and a few things I have noticed about Booktruck Life lately. There is so much going on that I have NOT said, and I will touch on those things in future chapters but like all books, this one is told one chapter at a time and it is a beautiful thing to keep this audio chronicle of my journey as a booktruck owner and Reader.

Books Discussed:

The World According to Garp

The Bear and the Nightingale

The Beautiful and Damned

The Invisible Man

Prodigal Summer

The Great Alone

The Nickel Boys


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