The Booktruck Chronicles

Chapter 27: Business Bar Rant About Social Media, Copycats & CDB

August 3, 2020

As much as I love talking about the books, there is so much behind-the-scenes about the business of bookselling that I want to talk about today. I get so many emails and in-person questions about booktruck life, and there are a ridiculous amount of uninformed opinions or assumptions about what I do, so I thought I would tackle a few of them here. Last episode, I ranted. This time - I do so again. Straight talk, unedited, from me to you. 

I discuss the valuable impact of the right photos and being vulnerable in social media, the realities of the Cost of Doing Business (CDB), my intense dislike for Copycats and focusing on WHO you are serving in your business.

So many people are just too nice to be honest about this stuff, or they don't know how to answer the questions, but you know by now that with me you will get the truth as I see it every time. Enjoy!


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