The Booktruck Chronicles

Chapter 28: Let’s Talk Business, Because YOU Asked

August 17, 2020

OK, so I missed posting an episode last week.

I know you can forgive me because well, life happens. As posts about my bookshop on wheels are being shared widely on social media, there has been a significant increase in the number of requests I receive about duplicating my business idea. So, as much as I feel like it is similar to the last episode's rant about Copycats and pursuing a unique and personal business model, this is clearly what y'all are wanting to hear so I will respond accordingly.

Here are answers to the top questions I have been asked recently about booktruck life and the business of running a mobile retail company. I want to hear what you think so please leave comments, questions, and feedback so I can help you in your pursuit of the ideal business idea. I am by NO means an expert in this field, just someone who is figuring it out as I stumble along and I'm happy to share my journey with you.

Next week we'll talk about books, I promise!!



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