The Booktruck Chronicles

Chapter 29: Comfort Reads & TBR Piles

August 31, 2020

Hey, YOU! Today I am back with another bookish episode, and it's ALL about the books! No Business talk this time. I have been getting so many email & DM questions about the right book for the right mood, how to work through your To Be Read pile and so many more... today I am tackling a few of your questions and then sharing what books I have been reading lately. Keep in mind that I am not only going to share books with you that I want you to buy - my goal is to provide honest opinions about the books I've read, not sugar-coat them to make you spend your money. As a bookseller, I have to be honest or my opinions aren't worth trusting, right? Get out your pen and paper so you can write some of these titles down!

Books I Have Read Recently:

The Forgetting Time

The Almost Sisters

Mr. Mercedes

The Return (Released on Sept 29, 2020)

The History of Bees

The Dilemma


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