The Bookshop Chronicles

Chapter 40:Let’s talk Non-Fiction With Mel MacGregor

April 30, 2021

Why didn't I post this episode on Monday? Because running a bookshop is a lot of work, and this girl doesn't have a producer or editor - I am doing all this podcast stuff myself. And I know you're the graceful sort who is not hemmed in by legalistic rules and dates, so I appreciate you.

Today we are talking about Non Fiction, Canadian Non Fiction more specifically, and our Guest is someone who is so excited about the books she's been reading that you will undoubtedly hear that in her words. Mel MacGregor is a frequent Guest in the bookshop and has very definite opinions about the books she prefers - have a listen and see if you and Mel are Book Twins. I know that for NF readers, there is a great deal of enthusiasm about discovering inspiring new titles, so get ready because Mel mentions quite a few you'll want to get your hands (or ears) on.

This is our 40th episode, and I cannot believe it. We are now being listened to in 10 countries consistently, and every DM, email or review we get means so much. Thank you for tuning in, telling others about this podcast, and for adding some WOW to our bookish community!


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